Friday, July 3, 2009

Compression Test

Last nite i went to my panel workshop to fix FICD ( fast idle control device ) taken from Toyota 4AGZE supercharged to control my car idling. After the camshaft timing process ( during overhauling job ), my car is very hard to idle especially i turn ON my air-conditioning. It is because they have set my camshaft timing to the maximum to fully utilise the high camshaft profile. Other than that, i asked my mechanics to tighten up my aircond compressor belt because sometimes i can hear it squeaking and that iritates me. I also change my air-conditioning compressor and add in new gas and condenser oil. After installing the FICD, i also asked them to do an engine compression test with compression tester.

I'm very happy to see the result. I managed to get the compression that i've targetted which is 19 bar in all 4 cylinders. I think all the money and time that i've spent on this project is worth it after all =)

After finish running-in period, i will send my car for tuning again and then will go for a dyno run to check the horsepower. Hopefully manage to get the horsepower targetted for this little naturally aspirated and variable valve timing -less engine. Haha! Viva all motor!



  1. hello how many Hp for your engine?
    It's a very beautiful project!!
    I live in france and i have a mitsubishi colt gti but my engine is 4G63T and i have 235hp!

  2. hi there!
    thx for reading my blog. unfortunately. i havent got the time to dyno my car yet =D

  3. hi bro,
    saya dah baca hampir keseluruhan post dlm blog ni. dan timbulnya minat saya nak rebuilt balik engin 4g93 mivec saya ni. huhu... bayak sangat info dalam blog ni. thanks.

  4. thx a lot bro! sgt appreciate comment bro!