Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Big Bro's Ride

Hi guys.

In today's post i would like to write about my brother's car. It is Toyota Corolla AE101. Pictures below.

Powered by 4AGE 1.6L 20 valves 4-throttle engine design by Toyota and Yamaha. This engine is well known for its ability on track and also touge. This engine in stock form can scream up to 8000 Rpm. The sound it makes during high rev is totally sweeeeeeet! This is the 5th generation 4AGE engine produced from 1995 to 1998 is the final version of the 4AGE engine and has black cam covers. This engine is fondly known as the "black top", and yet again features an even higher compression ratio (11:1), the air flow sensor is replaced with a MAP sensor, the diameter of the four individual throttle bodies was increased from 42 mm to 45 mm, the exhaust port diameter was increased, the intake cam lift was increased from 7.9 mm to 8.2 mm and the intake ports were significantly improved in shape, contour and also the width at opening at the head was increased. This revision increased the power to 165 PS (163 hp/121 kW) at 7800 rpm with 162 N·m (119 ft·lbf) at 5200 rpm of torque. Usually we can find this engine in Corolla Levin / Trueno , Sprinter Marino and Carina GT.

The Engine

Some modifications to the engine are:
  • + Custom 4 Throttle Trumpets
  • + Ultra Plug Cables
  • + DENSO Iridium Plugs
  • + Adjustable fuel regulator
  • + Fujitsubo Giken 4-2-1 Header (Coated)
  • + Apexi N1 muffler (JASMA Approved)
  • + 2.3 inch stainless steel piping + Fujitsubo Giken bullet
  • + TRD 3 Pucks Racing Clutch
  • + Cold Air Intake
Btw, he already planned to upgrade his engine to the next level when he finds the right time to do it =) and i know the time will come ! Toda Spec 4AGE!



  1. tunjuk la yg windscreen yg pocah arituh..
    gilo laju, hak hak..

    upgrade lg?
    heeee, korg.

  2. hehe ... pecah kat mlaka .... top speed alert!!

  3. kau suruh la abang kau kawen je dengan kereta tu. aku ingat dia kata taknak upgrade lagi dah enjin. ade hati lagi nak upgrade tu..huhu

  4. egegege .. once we step on a journey to find horsepower , we will never return.