Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Gymkhana Guru With Captain Slow

Have you guys watch the new episode of Top Gear ( Episode 3 Season 13 ) ? It's worth watching! By the way, Captain slow a.k.a James May from Top Gear went to the land of Uncle Sam to meet the famous gymkhana guru a.k.a Ken Block. The new video of the arts of gymkhana by Ken Block below!

Apart form that, the show later joined by Ricky Carmichael. For you information, he is an undefeated champion dirt-biker for 15 times and widely hailed as the greatest dirtbiker in the world. For me this is the most entertaining segment of Top Gear in the third episode of season 13.

p/s: Ken Block FTW!


  1. top gear 13 episode 3 tak best sebab dia kutuk 2 kereta malaysia kegemaran aku....

  2. egegegege .. biasa la zam ... the 3 stooges tu kan slaloo naik kete mahal2 .. so kete2 mcm ni diorang kutuk punyer.