Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Malaysian Type R

Introducing the new Proton Satria Neo CPS R3 Lotus Racing. It is more than just carbon fiber hood and lotus emblems. Pictures below.

The Specs.

click for better view

It is a very good car. Inside and outside. The only drawback is the price tag. pheww. But all i can say with all the aftermarket parts, it is worth the price. Btw, only 25 units will be available for market. 11 units have already been accounted for. Only 14 units left now.


  1. how much are they going to sell this baby ! ??

  2. akatsuki
    u got msn ??
    wanted to chat with u about modify XD

  3. yes i do. but seldom online. akatsuki.hawk@hotmail.com