Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Upgrades

Ohayo Gozaimashta!
Just a quick update on this blog. I just changed my camshaft to higher and wilder specification. I decided to go for 300in/288ex from 272in/272ex from Matspeed. Other than that, i also swapped my current ecu to j5 ecu from Matspeed. All i can say that, i really love the response at high rpm! all the way up to 9000 rpm! orgasm! Some pix below

cam installed!

Set the camshaft timing using the dial gauge for proper cam setting.

proper tools

degree wheel

And after finish with the setup, we then checked the air fuel ratio with innovate wideband sensor and did some tuning from the air fuel ratio reading.

more to come. stay tuned!

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