Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Wish List

Below are some of the parts that i need to buy to 'complete' my engine setup. I can say that this is my wish list for 2010 =p
  1. Super90 70 mm Throttle body
  2. New intake manifold
  3. Cusco 4-2-1 style header
  4. Exedy 3 Pucks Racing Clutch
Hopefully, i can buy all this stuffs. Parts aint cheap nowadays. Need to find good deal and gotta make sure the price tag fits my budget. *gambatte!

*all the best in japanese
haha. i just love this picture =D


  1. mana management, manaaaaa?????!!!!!!!!oneoneone

  2. lex bro. mechanical parts first.. final touch will be the management =D ... currently happy with rechipped/remapped standard ecu by matspeed.

  3. tukar klac agi ker.. ahaha...

    PS: zammmmmmmmmm dah cari ke kat aku satu bike.. ahaha nak jadi bikerz lak la..

  4. haha. what to do. current clutch slipped like hell =p