Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Intake Setup

Hi guys!
I already took out the standard air-box and replace it with a new intake ram. Picture below =D

kamikaze setup

Picture above shows the new intake setup for my engine. From butt dyno, all i can say that the torque at high rpm is much more better but something that i need to take care of is this setup is not suitable for daily driving since it might suck the unwanted things such as stone and so forth. As a precaution i already put some netting in my cold air intake to prevent stones from sucked into the intake.

p/s: for race use only.. lolx


  1. nicely done ...
    but i think u still need a proper filter bro,
    once something get into ur manifold, considered sold :(

    maybe can do custom airbox for the filter to suck in cold air with the aid of CAI....

    or another option is to put ur batery at the back and use CF honda intake....:)

  2. yups. correct bro. already planned to use honda intake in the next setup after i relocate the battery at the back since there's no space anymore in the engine bay =(

    thx for the opinion. really appreciate that :D