Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ignition Stuffs

Hi guys.
Last time i already use performance plug cables for my engine but i sold it to my friend since i'm in the need of money. After that i changed back to standard plug cables and i can feel that my engine response decreases (-.-'') So last week i ordered new performance plug cables for my engine. I made up my mind to choose plug cables from Bosch. Actually i wanna upgrade to NGK ignition wires but since my budget is tight and i need to buy 'other' stuff so i think Bosch Super Sport cables might be enough for me =p

The advantages of Super Sports Range:

+ Latest cable technology using inductive core for better performance
+ 100% silicone construction inner and outer insulating sheathing
+ Class F cables with superior heat resistance up to 250°C
+ Ensures high performance whilst maintaining peak voltage to the spark plugs
+ Exceeds International Standard ISO3808:2002(E) for High Voltage Ignition Cables
+ Excellent RFI suppression and electrical conductivity properties
+ High liner & tensile strength fiber glass reinforcing braid for longer life
+ Resistance to aggressive under bonnet conditions of fuels and oils

Hmm... Wait. Original Spark Plugs wont do wonders. So, i matched the cables with NGK Iriway Heat 7 Plugs =D.

Characteristic of IRI series

The IRI Series plugs are designed for tuned engines that require a high heat rating; they are Iridium Plugs with excellent ignition and acceleration characteristics

DIY it myself at home since it is very easy to do. No special abilities/skills needed here =p

Sorry for the images quality. I'm using my cheap camera phone. Glare from Sun-light spoiled the last pix. LOL. See you in the next post.



  1. y did u cut your cambelt cover?

  2. will be much easier for me to check the condition of the belt =p. last time used transparent cam-belt cover but the cover dont last long. it cracked =(

  3. kalau batu masuk kene cambelt, yr 11k-rpm-screaming-car will become mash potatoes. wakakakaka XD

  4. upgrrade to power enterprise super strong timing belt la. No issues and good for high revs and lumpy idling cars! I just replaced the belt after i think about 5-6 yrs in the car, still looks very good.

    With the belt also no need to the check the condition redy, sure no hal!

  5. ~bro... ko tukar plug baru skali ker?

  6. painkiller - haha. nooo!!

    mugil - im planning to change to powerbelt too. it is a good investment but need to collect money first. aint cheap =p. hehe

    amz - nope. bought it last time. IRIWAY FTW =D