Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cusco Oil Catch Tank

Hi guys!
I'm in holiday right now so i have a lot of time to spend with my machine and this make my hands very itchy to buy stuff. I think i cant stay at home without doing nothing. So i bought an oil catch tank and DIY it at home.

the box

inside the box

It took me about 2 hours to install this oil catch tank. It looks easy but the hardest part is to find suitable place to put the tank. Since my engine bay is quite full, so i have to take out my standard air-box to fix the tank beside the fuse box. The oil catch tank looks better there than where i put it before ( beside power steering tank ).

the oil catch tank

Hmm.. Its an eyesore for me to look at the engine bay without the standard air-box. I prefer standard bay looks because i dont want to attract the authorities. They might think that i use the car for illegal street racing. LOL, just kiddin'. Do you guys spot the condition of my cold air intake? It is broken already! Need to find a new one as soon as possible.


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