Saturday, August 22, 2009

4g93 with ITBs

Hi guys.

Last week, my friend and me went to his panel workshop to do wide-band tuning to his engine. When i was waiting for the tuning to finish, i took a look around on the other rides in the workshop but then i spotted a mysterious induction sound at the back of the workshop. Im very curious to know where the sound came from so i went to the back and check on the ride. It came from a 'not so flashy' yellow Proton Satria with 4g93 engine. Then i realized, it is the engine that i spotted couple of months ago when it is still in the building up process. Hell yeah. Now, it's finished! Pictures of the engine bay bellow.

I'm craving for this induction setup. The sound from the ITBs is damn sweet. I have to keep this engine specifications as secrets since i've made a promise with the owner =p

p/s: happy fasting to all of my moslem friends.

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