Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Open Pod Air Filter Comparison

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In today's post, i would like to share some comparison done by Revspeed magazine Japan. Nowadays a lot petrolheads change their stock airbox to open pod air filter. But the question is that which one is the best in flowing as much air as possible, without sacrificing filtration efficiency. The article compares for most popular kits available which are HKS, Apexi, Blitz and K&N.

Important Notes regarding the comparison:
  1. Extracts of this article have been transcribed from a Japanese article featured in Revspeed Magazine, August 1999.
  2. The original test was based upon the results found when using filters specifically made to fit the Toyota Supra. However, the filtration is unlikely to differ, as all the filtration materials used are the same for every model of car.
  3. The cost given for the filters are based on a the kit for an R33 Skyline GTR, except the K & N kit which only currently exists for a Skyline GTS, and are inclusive of VAT.

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From the comparison, we can see that Apexi Power Intake wins the test in both filtration and power gains. But for me it is still questionable since the HKS are proven to sell more in the market if compare with others induction kit. I think the battle is futile. So the question still stands, "Which Induction Kit is the best?". You can accept the result from the test then the Apexi Power Intake is the winner but if you are still skeptical don't worry as the performance gains are quite the same =)


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