Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Improving The Handling of The Car

Hi guys.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Btw, After i did a lot of reviews on chassis strengthening and how to improve car handling, i made up my mind to do something to my ride. So, I chose front strut bar and rear strut bar from Ultra racing. Pictures below.

picture above shows the 3 points front strut bar. I choose 3 points because it will give better strength to the chassis and neutralize the shock impact transfer to the chassis.

more picture of the 3 points strut bar by Ultra Racing. 

On the other hand, the above picture shows the rear strut bar. I also insisted to go for 3 points design for the rear bacause of its advantages and reviews from some of my other friends who use this bar.

Beware, make sure the one you bought is original. Dont be cheated :) You can check the originality from the serial number on the sway bars.

After hard driving, i can definitely say that this bars are worth the money. My car handling feels much better and it feels so different. It is not just 'placebo effect' :) Thumbs up for ULtra Racing.

Ultra Racing Website


  1. yo bro,

    how much you bought these 2 bars?


  2. hi ben. i got these 2 bars for MYR300 inclusive installation :)

  3. Hai Bro, how much u get that Matspeed? Which shop? TQ!

  4. contact F3 Matspeed : 012-3977090

    i got it for MYR1800 + trade in std camshaft :)