Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hybrid ; The New Way of Thinking

The world nowadays is focusing more on ways to save the environment. As we all know, one of the factor of air pollution is causing by the gas emitted from the car exhaust. It is very hard to stop it but we can reduce it. That's why more engine produce nowadays follow the 'Euro Emission Standard'. 

Since the technology nowadays is becoming more advance, we are now introduced with new engine technology. One of it is " Hybrid Technology". If we talk about hybrid car, Toyota Prius and Honda Insight come in mind. 

My brother and me are quite interested in this future technology and we think why not hybrid ? So, after watch and read a lot of reviews, my brother made up his mind to go for Honda Insight. Pictures below.


first modification : we change from 16 inch rim with Advan RG2 17 inch rim wrapped with Yokohama A Drive tires.

Interior, very neat and comfy.

meter clusters, full with all of informations such as colour changing speedometer (driving style), eco scoring (feedback of current and long term driving practices), driving cycle and cumulative lifetime performance.

the cockpit - simple yet stylish and educational layout. the head-unit offers USB jack so that we can connect devices such as Ipod, mp3 player, mobile HDD and USB memory readers. 

the high aero tail rear - increase visibility and aerodynamic performance

small displacement engine but equipped with electric motor. believe it or not this engine produce max torque of 199NM  (engine + electric motor). The power is transfered by CVT transmission system which help achieving perfect balance between fuel economy and performance by producing more torque with an infinite number of effective gear ratios. 

6-point front grill, halogen headlight


All i can say, this car is very nice to drive and the fuel consumption is very very very good. Kudos to Honda Engineers. Hope the hybrid technology will evolve so that we can see a lot of hybrid car on the road in the near future. 



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