Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Greetings to Everyone

Greeting to my beloved readers ; both in Malaysia and all over the world. Currently, i'm still collecting stuffs for my next project. Will keep you guys updated, so stay tuned :)

Btw, i would like to ask for you guys help, If you guys don't mind, I hope you guys can vote for me for this three categories.

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Thanks guys!


  1. Nice job u have done there. How much you paid for ths set cam and dyno tuning and also may i know which workshop you did your modification?

  2. hi bro. thx for the compliments.

    Btw, i got my cam for rm1800 inclusive installation and add another rm250 for dyno tuning. I did most of my modification at MAG Apprentice Senawang. Dyno tuning at Millennium Motorsport Asia Sunway :)

  3. thanks for the replies now i know where to go to upgrade my gti mivec as well. Mag senawang run by Abang Zam right? Last time when i was doing my mivec turbo done by mag shah alam. Thinking to upgrade my car after raya.

  4. yup. it is run by abg zam. what happen with your mivec turbo?

  5. engine blown with 3 big holes at the bottom block. I put everything back to stock and sold the car. Recently bought another satria gti with mivec head. So i just want to retuned the 'new gti'.

  6. oic. thats sad. but... welcome back to NA :)