Thursday, September 16, 2010

R3 Stage 3 Header

Hi guys!
Since i'm running on a new setup, i also thinking to redo back my exhaust system. Last 3-4 days ago, i managed to get a 'used' R3 Stage 3 header which i found when i surfed online market to replace my Hotbits 4-2-1 header. After finished dealing with the seller, i straight away bought it as the price fit my budget and other than that, R3 department has stop the production of this kind of header, so i can say that this header is quite a rare item. Picture below.

pix before i clean it with Autosol

looks almost like Mugen 4-1 header

After a few runs with the new header, i can say that this header is quite good. Most people said that this 4-1 header will make bad low end power, but thank god i didnt spot any decrease in low end power. It gives a very good mid range power and superb high end power especially after MIVEC kicks in! Badass sound! I kinda like it very much.

The only thing that i hate about this header is the header runner is quite long, below the oil sump, meaning that the clearance with the ground is not so good. Not really appropriate to use on the road in my country which have a lot of speedbumps. Really scare it will bent! Hope it will not. If thats happen, than i have to find another one :(



  1. r3 header is good...dont worry about the clearance la...its not so bad and when Iwas using it never hit anything before. I am currently using the formworks 4-1 LP header, which is exactly like the R3 unit but it has a much better design on the 4-1 collector. The r3 4-1 collector is not so nice. I have a picture of them side by side somewhere. Also I gained abour 2 whp going from the R3 to the Formworks header.

    I will be trying out a new header, very radical and will be expensive. If that gives good results then surely it will be quite popular soon, but dont know yet. If you think the r3 ones have ground clearance issue, you will freak out with this new developement header!! Hopefully in about a months time, I can provide you with some update!

  2. thx bro for the feedback. actually last nite i hit a speedbump and guess what, i bent a bit of the header. damn angry and sad. but nvm still can use it. furthermore i got this header very cheap from the seller. ahaha.

    will be waiting for your update about the header on your monster!

    thx again bro :)

  3. You can increase the absorber high or upgrade it.
    previously i also facing this problem.... until i upgrade it to adjustable...
    One more thing is the 4-1 piping will having welding spot crack problem after sometime.
    It can be cause by vibration or other issue.