Monday, September 6, 2010

Hybrid Project Part 2

Hey guys!
Another update. I bought this two stuffs accidently when i visited performance shop in my area. Since my current plugs worn out, i think i wont reuse it back in the cylinder head. At first, i think i just wanna buy NGK iridium IX plugs but since i've always been a fan of NGK Iriway plugs, i cancelled my plan and then go for NGK Iriway ( heat 7 ). It cost higher than the iridium but i think i dont mind since i know that it will perform much better than the iridium.

heat 7

Other than that, i bought a very small stuff which proven to protect the engine. It is called 'magnetic oil sump nut'. It cost less than MYR50. And it can be use for a very long time.

protect your engine!

Why magnetic oil drain nut? From the information that i gathered from the net, our engine oil filter can't catch everything. So, with the help of magnetic oil sump nut, it will catch any metal particles in engine oil, keeping engine completely free of metal bits and shavings. Stop engine damage before it can begin! Still confuse how it works? then watch the video below =)

Cool huh?

Stay tuned for more!

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