Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Finale : MIVEC 1.8 Hybrid

Hi guys!

As i promised in the last two post, here is the picture of my engine bay. Introducing new heart for my ride, MIVEC 1.8

After a week of testing this setup, the car behave just like what i have wanted for this daily driven car. Power below 5000 RPm is just like any other 1.8 vvt (maybe better) but the power when the MIVEC kicks in ( 5200 PRM ) is veryyyyyyyyyy orgasmic all the way to rev cut ( 8200 RPM ). Really love the sound of the MIVEC crossover. I'M LOVING IT!!!

For the time being i planned to let it stock. Hmm... but i think not for so long. LOL. Really into engine modification. Maybe it is in my blood already. LOL. But one thing for sure i want to unleash the power without have to put in any performance high camshaft first. Wanna see how far this 'stock' 2 in 1 camshaft can do with add-on parts =)

All i wanna do now are to find new header & adjustable camshaft pulley. Gonna start saving up. Parts for MIVEC ain't cheap. I think ,most MIVEC users can understand what i meant. Hehe.



  1. bro...
    u put in new pistons u dont need 2 run in 1st ??

  2. yups. 1000km at least. that's what i did last time.

  3. nope. this block is my previous setup block. i didnt change the block. i built this block a year ago if i remember correctly.

  4. ya but ur block is old but using brand new honda pistons .... with new pistons no need run in ??

  5. hi bro.. what is ur hp n tork at that time?

  6. hey bro luve ur car man.. i'm a new mivec user, prbbly u can giv me sum tips though.. i would apprcte it... heres my emel

  7. hi bro. thx for the constructive comment :) have fun with your mivec ok :)