Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hybrid Project Part 1

Hi guys.
For this project, i didn't touch anything on the engine block. Still remain with my current block setup since it is already quite good for this hybrid project. Furthermore, this block has just been overhaul last year. Since we took off the previous cylinder head, i asked my mechanics to polish back the piston. See below for the picture.


Thank god there is no alteration on the piston that we need to make to fit in the cylinder head to the block. For those who didn't know, i'm using B16 p30 piston taken from EG siR VTEC, so we need to check first and after that we can decide which metal gasket thickness that we can use so that we wont have any problem later especially during MIVEC open/ ON. Stay tuned for more.



  1. Bro, don't forget to upgrade your oil pump as well....
    And check the oil pressure.... :)