Saturday, March 19, 2011

Engine : Routine Maintenances.

Hi guys.
I've received so much questions on what engine oil that i use, what type of coolant , transmission oil etc. Mostly about engine routine maintenance. So, for today post, i would like to write about it.

Usually, i'll change my car engine oil every 5000 km (maybe less sometimes). The brand that i always go for is Castrol Magnatec. I choose semi-synthetic blend 10w40.

The price is affordable and from my experiences, this engine oil make my engine feel smoother. Well, any other good brand (within the price of the magnatec) that you guys wanna suggest? maybe i can compare which one is better :)

And for the oil filter, i always go for proton original oil filter.The price is damn cheap and it is also reliable since it is produced by the car manufacturer. Btw, we gotta take extra precaution since there are a lot of fake ones in the market now. We need to replace the oil filter everytime we change the engine oil.

For the transmission oil, i use Castrol MTF EP. The transmission oil change is necessary every 20,000-30,000 km. It can prevents from damaging the gearbox.

For radiator coolant, i always go for Toyota 'long life' coolant. Most of radiator shop that i go recommend this coolant since the coolant are good and affordable.

So, that's all for now. I hope you guys can suggest me some good stuffs that you use in your routine car maintenance so that i can have more choices for next routine maintenance.


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  1. as for me, i used to use motul semi synthetic 10w40 "ester" for my engine oil. Unfortunately since now there is lot of imitation product (and reported damaged engine by some of forumers because of this imitation stuffs) now I go for Agip 4T 10w40. No imitations on the market (yet) so better peace of mine. Moral of the story kids, always aware of imitation products because it can kill your beloved ones =P

  2. yups. very true. beware of imitation stuffs!