Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Duratech Racing Camshaft For MIVEC

I just got some info about new racing camshaft in the market for MIVEC first generation. It is produced by Duratech. Pictures below.

Not so much info about it but from the seller's info, this camshaft specification is totally the same with JUN specification racing camshaft , Type 2 which is;

IN(260)8.976mm ; (304)11.30mm
EX(256)8.476mm ;(304)10.80mm

Hope will get some more infomation about this camshaft. Btw, the price is MYR2999. The valve springs is not included, so it means that buyers need to source for another racing valve springs maker such as JUN or RPW for better performance and safety when using this camshaft.



  1. bro
    what is the ori mivec cam degree ??
    compare with this Duratech .... ty

  2. IN(228)7.58mm ; (285)10.41mm
    EX(232)8.24mm ; (300)9.83mm

    hope this help bro :)

  3. the Duratech Racing Camshaft
    just higher then the ori mivec camshaft abit only .... then cost RM3000 i dont think worth 2 play ha ha.....
    what do u think akatsuki ??

  4. hmm.. from my point of view, i think this profile is quite good (since it follows JUN spec). if you compare the 1st mivec profile(IN) for OEM and this race cam, 228 (7.58mm) vs 260 (8.976mm); with the increase of 32 degree from OEM, this will definitely offer better 1000-5000 rpm power. furthermore the valve lift is also higher. then, the 2nd profile (IN) , 285 (10.41mm) vs 304 (11.30mm); it will gives better high-end region power (5500-10000 rpm)

    just my 2cents :P

  5. Yes, I agree.
    The cam spec same as JUN type 2.
    Pricing also cheaper...Complete JUN cam about RM4.8K...
    For Duratech cam + RPW racing valve spring; 3000+900= Rm3900 still worth....

    If compare to stock B16B cam In11.5mm/ we are still lacking.....
    This the disadvantage of mivec.... LOL

    I just have concern about the material of the cam, its durable and reliable....

  6. yups. i agree with you.the camshaft for mivec is not that aggressive if compared with some of vtec racing camshaft.

    for the pricing.. yeah. it is much cheaper than JUN. maybe JUN is still the better choice since it is well proven in mivec but the good thing is now that there are more parts available for mivec users. we can choose between JUN, RPW , or Matspeed.


  7. one of the performance shop that sell this camshaft.

    Rev Performance @ No.7, Jln PJS 11/24, Bandar Sunway
    017-3526055 (andy)

    hope this help.

  8. such a great info...thank u so much

  9. Bro akatsuki do you have mivec stock camshaft?
    Or matspeed Camshaft? Let me know ASAP...

    1. sorry bro. dont have anymore. traded the stock cam for matspeed cam.

    2. sorry bro. dont have anymore. traded the stock cam for matspeed cam.

    3. sorry bro. dont have anymore. traded the stock cam for matspeed cam.