Friday, September 14, 2012

Forged Racing Radiator Fan With Shroud Kit

Hi guys! Since my radiator fan got problem, I decided to upgrade my radiator fan with Forged Racing fan with shroud kit. Pictures below: 

Forged Racing radiator fan + shroud

back view

thinner and lighter! 

the installation process.... need to make some adjustment...

voila! it does look cool! 

See you guys in the next post and thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi, admire your work, I would like to ask you some things to improve my 4g93, have 4-2-1 headers, pressure of gasoline to 3.5 bars, adjustable pulleys, polished head block, and stock exhaust system. I would like to know that regulation giving the cam pulleys, and that make the exhaust system, rear smuffler and the exhaust line. And if you could give me some advice to win power... I'm from Canary Islands in Spain and here there are no spare parts for this car.Thank you very much, love your car: D thanks bro

  2. hi bro. thx a lot for the constructive comment :)
    by the way, if you want to increase more power on your 4g93, i think your can go for fast road camshaft (<288 degree) or if you want to make some serious horsepower you can straight away go for race camshaft (>292 degree)

    and for the piping and muffler, you can go for 2.1 inch diameter. but if your engine if highly modified then you can go for either 2.3 inch or maybe 2.5 inch :)

    hope this help and happy modding!

  3. hi bro.. may i ask where can I get Forged Racing fan with shroud kit...

  4. you can get it from sunway area. you can also get it online.

  5. hi bro...can i know the cost for rebuild engine same as yours.....Wanted to do same as you

  6. hi bro.
    actually the cost to rebuild the engine is up to your spec. if you want to have spec which more focus on performance and reliability, it will cost more.

    btw back to the question, mine cost around myr5-6k if i'm not mistaken.