Friday, August 3, 2012

When Offset Is Everything

Hi guys!

I just change to a new set of shoes for my humble little ride. I decided to go for Volk Racing CE28N from Rays Engineering. The wheels spec is 15 X 8jj and the offset is 20. Really love the look of my car exterior now because the wheels make it more aggressive.

Other than that, i decided to take out my R3 Stage 3 Lips. Now i want to maintain 'clean' exterior look. Maybe in the future i might install the lips back. But after all i really love the aggressiveness of the exterior when i use this sport wheels :) 



  1. hardcore ride man! i've been following your blog for a while now and i'm liking the mods you did to your proton 4G93 :)

    send me an email when you have a chance,

  2. thx a lot bro for the kind word. really appreciate it :)

  3. Just read ur blog.. Awesome mods ur made. Anyway ur rim with +30 offset rub the fender or not? Im planning to change my satria gti rim with +35 offset. What do u think? will it rub the fender??

  4. thx a lot bro! sorry for the late reply. it will rub the fender if the suspension is not stiff enough. u need to have a stiffer suspension setup if u plan to go for flush look.