Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Upgrades After Another.

Hi guys.

I sold my adjustable camshaft pulley together with my previous cylinder head last time. So, i have to find a pair of new one for my MIVEC. After a lot of window shopping from one shop to another, from one website to another , then i managed to find one that suits my budget. I chose from Arospeed ( just like last time ). I Chose it because, most of the tuners in my area choose to use this brand and other than that, this brand offers a lot of colors to suit your taste. It is easy to find in the market too.

i'm blue da be de da be da

standard camshaft pulley

Other than just that, i have to change my driveshaft since the current one wear off. You can spot there is some problem with your driveshaft if it gives you bad driving feel like what i experienced. The whole bode of my car tremble like hell everytime i passed 120 km/h. After i changed it, no more problem.

mmc oem part

When we jacked the car to change the driveshaft, i managed to take a picture of my bent header. Freaking mad. I accidently hit a speedbump. This is the result... and i am effing mad! haha.


HAHA. Enough with that. Btw, below is the picture after all of it finished.


The result after setting up the camshaft timing with the adjustable pulley? AWESOME. The engine pull harder. Absolutely better. Such a good upgrade. Worth the money spent. Thanks for spending your time reading this and see you guys in the next post!


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