Monday, August 16, 2010

Mirage Cup Racing

This video is quite old actually. but i still wanna share the video to you guys because maybe some of you still haven't watch this video. The battle between mitsubishi hot hatch, mirage cyborg. If im not mistaken all of the car are equipped with Mivec 1600cc engines which have been modded of course =p .....Damn.. i love the sound!

Btw, i forgot to update about my new exhaust setup. Last week, i swapped my j's racing straight flow muffler with s-flow type muffler. I dunno why. Maybe i'm getting old =p. Eventhough i can feel that my car power especially high end power dropped but i don't really care much since the sound is candy to the ears. Furthermore it improves my low end power =) which is very good for city driving. I might change back to 'war-type' muffler because i might getting bored with it (the current ones).... but not very soon i guess. haha.

See u in the next post.

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