Friday, April 16, 2010

Hybrid Intake?


Just a quick update. I bought a used intake taken from Honda EG6 siR. I plan to do 'frankenstein' project which is to modify the intake and then fit it into my gsr (4g93T) cylinder head. This is not a 'plug and play' job. Need to make some adjustments on the b16's flange to fit it in. Maybe some of you will say why? but why not right =p. After comparing the gsr intake with B16 intake, i can see clearly how well the design of the Honda intake since the intake runner are much bigger , straighter and shorter than gsr intake. Honda has design this intake to 'high rpm type' according to some website which i cannot recalled so i think it will works with my 300/288 camshaft. At first, i planned to use Honda Skunk2 intake but my budget permits me to proceed with the plan =p . Pix below.

Btw, i've sent the intake to a friend of mine to modify it since i've seen his drag car use this intake and it performed quite well in the race. So, i believe he will do a good job to modify it and plug it in my engine cylinder head. I also ask him to 'sandblast' the intake too so that the intake will look clean as new. Honda's fuel rail will be used also with the project. Only the injectors from 4g93 remain the same.

I will update more about the intake when it finish. I just take 2-3 days to finish it but the guy who is going to modify the intake is now very busy preparing his rally car for this upcoming event :( so i need to wait. Nevermind then. Hopefully the project will turns out well.