Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TRD Clutch & Flywheel For The 4AGE

Hi guys.

Since the current TRD 3 pucks clutch worn out, finally my brother made up his mind to take another set of TRD clutch for his beloved 4AGE engine. But for this time, he chose the full-face organic TRD race clutch and not the 3 pucks design. Pictures below.

He made the decision to choose the full-face design because he founds that the 3 pucks design tends to wear out really fast. A 'no no' for a guy who uses the car as a daily driven car and during weekend track days. Other than that, he also upgraded the stock blacktop flywheel to lightweight ones made by TRD . Picture below.

After the upgrade, i can say the clutch are grippy like the previous 3 pucks design and it wont judder when take off from standstill. The engine also revving 'happily' , thanks to the lightweight flywheel.


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