Saturday, February 13, 2010

Duratech High Performance Camshaft

Hi guys.

Just a quick update. Duratech just launched new product to asian market which is high performance camshaft for 4g93 and 4g93T. It is also suitable for 4g91, and 4g92 DOHC non MIVEC. Specification offers as follow :

Duration: 272deg IN , 272deg EX
valve lift: 10.85 IN , 10.85 EX
Valve spring : 16pcs

According to the manufacturer/supplier, this spec is very good for street application.


  1. bile la body kit kete biru tu nk siap eh
    hood dh fiber dh :))

  2. hy i live in france
    i find your headlight beautiful?
    Where i can find this headlignt?
    AND for intake GSX ,it's plug en play?easy fit?no modification?
    thank you and sorry for my bad english!

  3. thx bro. i got mine in malaysia. and for the GSR ( 4g93T ) intake, it is plug and play in 4g93 NA =D

  4. do you have use Proton 4G93 DOHC Custom Fuel Saver Chip by RPT in ebay motors?

  5. This Dura Tech camshafts are billet or regrind?
    The price suggests that it's billet, right?

  6. billet camshaft. the price as stated above :)