Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Need For Speed : Shift

I've always been a fan of Need For Speed since i was a kid. On 15 of September 2009, Electronic Arts released the new version of the game which is called Need For Speed: Shift in North America. The game will be sold worldwide on 17 of September 2009. The new version has added a new mode to make battles among friends all the more interesting and to settle “which car is better” disputes. The new mode in hand is the Car Battle mode that pits some of the fastest, fittest, downright nastiest machinery out there in head to head battles. So far fifteen different matchups are possible with cars like the Ford GT going against the Dodge Viper, Cayman against the M3, as well as such exotics as the Murcielago and Aston Martin DBRS GT cars. The point of the game is to pit stock standard, unmodified cars against each other to find out which car and which driver is the best. In the meanwhile you can check out the teaser video below.

I'm in the need for speed!


  1. heheh..
    baru je install game ni
    tapi dlm hp la (java)

  2. haha. samala bro. cr kt torrent. hehe